Libya is not honoured by the manner of Gaddafi’s death.

Of course I understand why the Libyans are celebrating – they have seen that the ghastly dictator Gaddafi is dead – it is a pity though that his passing should have been so barbaric. If it is true that he was shot pleading for his life in a drainage pipe then I am not sure that Libya is honoured by this killing. As before when the demise of dictators is celebrated, the manner of their death can tarnish the triumph. I remember the terrified faces of President and Mrs Ceausescu of Romania as they were dragged off to the firing squad and felt odd about sympathizing with them in their moment of terror. Gaddafi too, no less of a brutal killer of course, remains, at least partially, in my memory now as a pathetic and frightened creature  when I would have liked to have seen him brought to trial and due process of law. There is no stopping, I suspect, young men with guns when a chase has begun but I hope Libya will now move on to a  civilised and murder-free peace.

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