The Libyan No-Fly-Zone needs a plan and the United Nations, not just Western forces, to operate it.

So the No-Fly-Zone United Nations Resolution went through. I was against it, as I wrote yesterday but what do I know. The good news was that no country used the veto and only the usual ones abstained and that the Arab League came on board – due, I guess, to American rather than British or French diplomacy. If this operation is to work both long-term and short-term, it is good that it will be run by the full United Nations so that the Arab world will not, in time to come, think that this was just another act of Western imperialism. So let America and Britain remember that they are just two nations amongst equals on this.

Let us hope that there will be no grand-standing rhetoric from David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy and  that the United Nations force that will be sent to Libya will not be just a cover for American, British and French troops.

There were a lot of delegates raising their hands at the UN yesterday, I hope that they will all pull their weight.

I hope too that the Libyan people will, one day soon, live the good life and that this is not the beginning of another Iraq.

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