Life made perfect by a coffee grinder.

It was my birthday last weekend and someone gave me a strange present. she must have known me well because, I know some of you will think  a coffee grinder? but not an electric one?

I was delighted though because I love old technologies and have been getting a simple thrill out of grinding my beans every morning. It is a probable give-away that under my wolfish exterior is a latent drug addict trying to get out.

I am addicted to caffeine of course but it is made all the better by the paraphernalia and the fussy precision of hand operated machinery.

The coffee not only tasted better but the whole house was filled with the aroma of fresh coffee. Perfect.
If only everything was like that here in the real world.


  1. Total jealousy here. I have a nice french press, but the hand operated grinder would be great. I love old stuff too, especially when it still works. Of course, would be afk longer at the beginning of dash, lol. Hope you're well.

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