Lord Rennard: Never having to say you’re sorry

Lord Rennard – never having to say he’s sorry.

In that slushy old film Love Story, the catchphrase was ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry.’ That might be contentious enough for some but nothing like the new catchphrase for 2014: Sexual harassment means never having to say you’re sorry.’

Nearly everyone else thinks he should apologise but (Lord)  Chris Rennard, the Lib Dem life peer, has other plans. He says there’s nothing to apologise for even though the enquiry into his alleged harassment declared that the evidence against him was “credible.”

Let’s hope those women pestered by oily Chris Rennard will not give up on getting that apology – they should keep it going and give him something to make him truly sorry.

I doubt if Chris is any more lovable than he’s apologetic but maybe he could learn a lesson from the movies, so here goes. Take a look at these romantic moments in Love Story (1970 director Arthur Hiller) – maybe those women shouldn’t have recoiled from Chris’ allegedly wandering hands, maybe the poor guy is in love but I doubt it very much:



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