Martial Arts Have Guided Me Back After My Brain Haemorrhage

Right. I am feeling very focused about this, OK.

How do I keep my martial arts stuff going without over-doing it and setting back my recovering from my brain injury?

I wax and wan on this so often and, nearly a year in since I had that brain haemorrhage, it really is time to sort myself out.

I had a kungfu lesson yesterday and discussed this with my instructor.

We have, I think, worked out a plan.

I am going to push myself to go to the taichi classes, Mondays and Wednesdays but I am not going to try any of the other classes until I am substantially better. This is after going to a weapons class last Wednesday, well, I want to get good on my Chinese Straight Sword, and feeling…well….what is the polite word for crap?

It is good to push myself a bit otherwise I am never going to progress in my fitness and that must be part of the recovery. So, unless, I really do feel so bad that I can’t walk out the door, I shall go to these two taichi classes and if I feel bad when I get there, I will go home again. Simple!

I shall add to this regime, my weekly kungfu lesson where I have been learning so much on a one to one level with my teacher and I shall carry on the daily practise of my four main kungfu training patterns, the straight sword pattern and the taichi form. Here again, I am not going to over-do things so my 7.5 Foot Staff pattern is on hold because of all the head spinning involved.

Obviously the dog-style pattern with its forward and backward rolls is just out of the question. Amazing to think that before my illness, I could do those rolls on concrete.

The Wolf is going to be sensible, I promise! Staying fit enough to do the taichi classes is so important because I can really feel those sessions and the practise building up my strength again.

I go back to see my neurologist on Friday for an assessment of how I have got on since I began the great weaning from my anti-seizure tablets. I am now down to 75 mm from 375mm 14 weeks ago and I have not really shown much sign of having another seizure. I am hoping now to come off anti-seizure drugs altogether.

Another question: How do I keep a careful eye on my symptoms whilst trying not to obsess on my illness?

I have decided to try looking outside the box more, to get out more and, within reason, to start having more fun too.

I am getting better, I think. My consultant may know different of course, next month’s MRI scan will be interesting too because I can still tell that I have a brain injury but it feels like it is time to get on up right out of my seat as the preacher man said. Because the World is still going on out there.

Oh yes, I have started singing again too. Sorry about that neighbours. Hallelujah as Leonard Cohen wrote.

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