Fat today, obese tomorrow: a warning.

Looking at some of my recent holiday photos I noticed something that my kinder friends haven’t mentioned. I had a good time over there on the Italian Riviera where the food is wonderful and the temperatures high enough to tempt you to spend most of the day just lying around in the sun. Well, it was a holiday, don’t knock it.

Even though I spent an hour every morning doing my Kungfu practice in the villa’s garden, I’m afraid the truth has to be admitted. Yes, I definitely put on some weight. Luckily, I’m vain enough not to like this so I’m about to make sure that I don’t carry on expanding until I resemble some of those people I see every day wobbling around on the streets of the UK.

Before I went on my holidays,  one of my readers, Tony Shin, sent me a graphic detailing the horrible truth about ‘America’s Fat Future.’ I’m not American, I thought and I’m not obese but I thought I would do something on these pages about obesity, the great American plague that is also spreading to Britain. I know i’m not obese but a little bit of extra fat today can turn into a problem before you know it.  I did put on some weight over my holidays in Italy recently because the food was great.  And, hey, I was relaxing, OK? I don’t ever want to look like this:

and it doesn’t take much for a woman to look like this:

I mostly sit at my desk in front of my computer screen writing every day. It is too easy to let the negative consequences of inactivity, quite literally, grow. So, thanks to those holiday photos, I’m going to sort myself out – more exercise, less tempting food and drink and a more critical eye when looking in the mirror. Easy – I wish!

Here is that graphic that Tony Shin sent me. It has some chilling statistics in there. Click on it to see it full size. 

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