Meeting writers and poets in Camden Town

On Friday night I was in London’s Camden Town for what seems to have become my regular date on the first Friday of the month, Camden Lumen Poetry where I can read one of my poems and listen to other poets reading their work too. It’s a great event and all the money taken goes to the Camden Lumen charity. I can also meet up with my publisher friend, Adele Ward of Ward Wood Publishing who is not only publishing my novel, Stephen Dearsley’s Summer of Love, later this year, (thanks Adele!) but also serves wine and the latest news from her drinks table at the event.

The latest Ward Wood Publishing news is that they are experimenting with giving away Kindle versions of some of their novels on Amazon for a limited period and clocking how these offers seem to benefit the sales of their other books, both print and kindle versions.

The latest of these offers is Ward Wood author, Joe Stein’s thriller, Another Man’s World. I have already read and enjoyed his first WWP book That Twisted Thing Called Truth, another thriller about his main character, Garron,  an ex-boxer (like Joe Stein himself) who works, rather dodgily, as a bodyguard. I’m a fan of crime fiction especially when there is a continuing character like the troubled but martially gifted Garron.

I have already met a number of Ward Wood writers at the Camden Lumen events and I’m enjoying the family feeling of camaraderie. I haven’t met Joe Stein but I took advantage of the free Amazon offer on my way home on the train last night and I’m looking forward to the next Garron adventure. if you’re interested, here’s the link:

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