Men who wear glasses.

I have always been short-sighted, myopic, well, ever since I was a kid. I was given contact lenses as a 21st birthday present and, since then, I’ve had both good times and bad with them. I won’t tell you about the time I cut the whites of my left eye. Mostly I wear contacts these days but I’m liking my latest glasses and I get tempted to wear them more again. Maybe a mix of both is good – lenses are definitely better to wear at the gym but if you just want to curl up for a bit of television viewing, say Breaking Bad or something brilliant like that, then a pair of glasses (spectacles and wine) feel much more relaxing. If it’s a vanity thing, I just don’t know. They say I should expect less passes if I wear glasses but that can’t always be true. If you want to look intelligent or clever, even if you’re not, then glasses definitely add an air of bookish sophistication but that might just come across as boring. Hmm…maybe I should go out and experiment. That might take some time.


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