Merry Christmas to everyone including all my geeky friends and to Terry Gilliam too – Monty Python genius

I know a lot of geeks who will be looking forward to tomorrow to see just how many gadgets santa will bring along on his virtual sledge. Let me wish them all a Merry christmas now because they will probably ignore me tomorrow – they will be much too busy doing the things that geeky geeks do.

Merry Christmas Terry Gilliam too, it is good to add a touch of irony into the soggy Christmas mix. This animated Christmas card is a real joy to the world. Oh yes, and Merry Christmas to the rest of you too….after watching Mr Gilliam’s wonderfully mischievous animated Christmas card, why not scroll down and indulge in a few tearful moments listening to my favourite Christmas carol. There you are – everyone’s catered for on this website.

…and here is Gustave Holst’s setting of Christina Rossetti’s poem In The Bleak Mid-Winter as sung in Gloucester Cathedral – my favourite cathedral.

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