This section is for some of my blogs which I would like to keep here because, well, because I just want to, OK. I hope you like them – they are about just about anything so don’t look for a theme – but if you identify one then let me know.

27/07/2010 The Pope is not just cool he is a lad Well the Pope certainly likes his hats.

22/07/2010 Teapots china or metal should we care I hate metal teapots.

21/07/2010 The Old and the new in Charles Dickens’ Rochester It is a mix of olde worlde charm and modern edginess in Rochester.

17/07/2010 Motivation arrives outside my window Motivation is what I need and it arrived today.

14/07/2010 Peter Mandelson spills the beans The Mandelson memoirs spill the beans on New Labour.

26/06/2010 Naked hiking gets the thumbs up in Switzerland It looks like we can now take all our clothes off on a hike in Switzerland – if we want to that is.

19/06/2010 Don’t look down you are on Santorini Santorini in The Cyclades has some very scary views.

18/06/2010 Wolf wanders around the island of Paros I go wandering around Paros.

17/06/2010 A wolf’s life on the Greek island of Paros A wolf’s life on the Greek island of Paros in The Cyclades.

16/06/2010 My time on the Greek island of Paros I went on holiday to Paros in The Cyclades.

25/05/2010 Whatever love is
Whatever love is….let’s take love seriously in all its forms.

19/05/2010 Those Green Mountain Boys
Those Green Mountain Boys were quite something and we Brits should be wary of them.

06/04/2010 A day at the races
I go to Plumpton for a day at the races.

01/04/2010 Appreciating the mundane
Join the Anti Muddle League and appreciate the mundane.

17/03/2010 On-line banking is fun
I reach an impasse with on-line banking.

04/03/2010 My deal with Michael Foot
I remember an honourable man and, amazingly, he was a politician.

29/01/2010 Barefoot running
We should chuck away those shoes and go barefoot running.

26/01/2010 The wolf goes hunting
I go hunting with my new weapon.

14/01/2010 How I met the President of Haiti
Haiti comes back to haunt us.

29/10/2009 Where is democracy now in Europe?
I am in despair over our European leaders – do they think we are idiots?

10/09/2009 Facing Up to realities in Afghanistan
I am uncomfortable agreeing with the hawks over Afghanistan.

01/09/2009 Devon Alpacas are big cuddly toys
I go to stay on an alpaca farm.

28/08/2009 Me and bullock 200842
An unexpectedly intimate moment with a bullock.

20/08/2009 Desert island dreams
I have been thinking about that desert island.

07/08/2009 Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
I grew up by the sea and have always wanted it to be close by.

27/07/2009 Sidney, wildest of cats
My pets: 1) My wild cat Sidney.

28/07/2009 My cat Teggs, her serene majesty
My pets: 2) Teggs was serene and determined and as sexy as Marilyn.

29/07/2009 Baby Teggs – cat as cabbage
My pets: 3) Baby Teggs was the most lovable but also the most stupid cat ever born.

30/07/2009 Ralph, the best of dogs
My pets: 4) Ralph, a springer spaniel’s life is full of disgusting things and fun.

31/07/2009 Ruby the rescue dog – joy in adversity
My pets: 5) Ruby, my last pet.

17/07/2009 Ride in a fast machine
I go for a senseless but great ride in an open top car.

01/07/2009 China’s Green Dam and Michael Jackson
China is using its Green Dam technology to censor pornography but they found a joint of pork and Garfield the Cat.

30/06/2009 Just me and toad
It is very hot here and I am thinking about the end of the World cheerfully enough.

03/06/2009 Twenty years after the Velvet Revolution
I was in Prague not long after the Velvet Revolution – it was an inspiring time.

29/05/2009 I am irresistible
People may not realize this but I am irresistible.

21/05/2009 An eerie day in Richmond Virginia with Patricia Cornwell
A gruesome time in Richmond Virginia with Patricia Cornwell.

08/04/2009 My adventures in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul
I had some amusing and some frightening times in Minneapolis.

20/04/2009 In a park in Minneapolis waiting for Garrison Keeler
I remember having a good time in Minneapolis with the very entertaining Garrison Keeler.

26/03/2009 One day I will be a Jedi warrior
I have the costume but my illness keeps stopping me becoming a Jedi.

04/03/2009 Now let’s get serious over coffee
I love coffee so don’t anyone try to put me off it.

25/02/2009 I used to get gloomy in Lent
When I was a kid I used to love all the gloom and doom of Lent – not any longer.

24/02/2009 Mardi Gras is all about going wild
We should all let down our hair for Mardi Gras – yes, even you.

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