More on Friday 27th June 2008

1) Wolfie Wolfgang was walking home in Lewes this afternoon at 3.24 when he saw a beetle walking across the Offham Road. He thought that it was bound to get squashed but for a few minutes no cars drove past and the beetle got to the other side. Did it look both ways before crossing? He wondered.

2) Wolfie Wolfgang was walking home along the Offham Road in Lewes this afternoon at 3.29 when a dustbin van stopped in front of him. It waited there until a white van drew up behind it. Wolfgang watched as the dustbin men went over to the van and the van driver gave them a number of bin bags full of rubbish that they then put into the dustbin van. Then they both drove off. Was this prearranged? He wondered and then he remembered that the Mafia in New York sometimes pretend to be rubbish collectors.

3) Wolfie Wolfgang was walking home at 3.34 this afternoon along the Offham Road in Lewes when he noticed a traffic jam. He wondered where everyone was going. They all looked fed up.

4) Wolfie Wolfgang was crossing the Offham Road in Lewes via a pedestrian crossing at 3.36 this afternoon when a small black car came towards him at a speed in excess of the speed limit. The driver, a woman in her forties, slammed on the breaks and stopped just in time. She smiled and mouthed the words: Sorry. He smiled back and carried on walking.

5) Wolfie Wolfgang was watching the traffic on the Offham Road in Lewes this evening at 8.26 when he thought he heard his wife’s car. At 8.27 pm., his wife drew up in front of the house. Was it her driving style or the sound of the engine that he recognised, he wondered?

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