Mother Russia’s abused children.

No matter what Vladimir Putin says about those Russian elections, we will never believe him for as long as he tries to silence anyone who dares to speak up against him. Democracy is just not his style. So for as long as he tries to drown out opposition voices, let us all, wherever we are in the world, shout out our support for those brave demonstrators that he so desperately wants to hide away.

Well done to opposition leader Ilya Yashin who has done what opposition leaders should do, oppose. Now he joins over 800 others arrested in the recent protests and he is beginning a fifteen day jail sentence.

Well done too to one of Russia’s other dissident voices, the popular blogger, Alexei Navalny who also joined the protests, raised his voice and is now also serving 15 days in a Russian prison like so many other brave men and women who took their lives into their hands on the streets of Moscow, St Petersburg and elsewhere. Remember their bravery when you look at these photographs and don’t forget them when Mr Putin gets his brutal way and slithers into his presidential office.

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