Mr Cool comes to town.

I heard that a really cool guy had been visiting Manchester, England, England,  yesterday so I switched on my television to see him. It wasn’t rapper LL Cool, even though he is considerably cooler than his number one critic Sarah Palin.

It wasn’t Brad Pitt either who is increasingly losing his cool these days but who would probably have passed as cool in Manchester if he had been there which he wasn’t……

…it wasn’t this self-consciously cool dude either….well who is he trying to kid?

Now president Obama is very cool indeed I think….I still think so in spite of all the brickbats flying his way at the moment…..but he wasn’t in Manchester because he has enough problems at home. Maybe it was the guy below….

… I think not….David Miliband, Britain’s former Foreign Secretary and narrowly defeated elder sibling in the British labour leadership contest, is very nice but, he will never be cool……neither can his younger brother Ed…..

…hang on a minute, Ed Miliband is cool. He won the leadership elections against all expectations when he first stood against his elder brother, the favourite, he doesn’t care what he looks like and he even told his party conference yesterday in his inaugural speech that he just wasn’t cool.

Now that really is cool. The boy might even do good.

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