My Cat Teggs – her serene majesty

This week I am showing you some of the animals that have shared my homes over the years.

Teggs was my second cat and she, like her illustrious predecessor Sidney was also a black and white cat.

I had planned on getting a kitten so I went to a cat rescue centre and was told that they hadn’t got any but they did have a pregnant adult cat.

There she was – beautiful I thought. A young cat probably thrown out for being a bad girl even though every one knows it is always the Tom cat’s fault.

She was a very calm animal. Not so much quiet as supremely confident about what she wanted and that was how she remained.

She went into labour in the kitchen and only then did she lose her cool. She screamed out in agony and I thought she was dying.

I went over to her and something told me to hold her paw – she was pointing it at me. The moment I held it she stopped her shrieks and whenever I let go, she started again.

So there I was, holding her hand whilst she delivered her three kittens. Seeing the tiny things pop out one by one, I felt like their Dad and I felt like a fool too.

The deal with the rescue centre was that they would spay Teggs after she had had her kittens and I assumed that that would save her from the callous attentions of rogue males.

Well it was then that I found out her true nature.

She was a siren who seduced all the local Toms who all learnt a great deal from their times together. Her name should have been Marilyn. I, of course, was just another of her courtiers.

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