My dahlias are understudies in my Lewes garden – now they’ve taken centre stage while the roses are having a rest.

There’s a welcome mood change in my Lewes, UK, garden when July turns into August. As this hot sunny weather continues, my roses have mostly gone for a little rest and their thrusting stems have been cut back in that most enjoyable pastime, summer pruning. Where there could be a sombre gap in the flowering, my old favourites the dahlias have marched in to liven things up a bit. Some gardeners are a bit snooty about dahlias thinking of them as rather vulgar and other gardeners obsess on them struggling with their rivals to produce the largest blooms. I’m a more laid back dahlia admirer enjoying them best when they join in with the rest of the garden in a gently unhurried, non-competitive kind of way while positively vibrating with new shades of colour just when my eyes have got jaded looking through rose coloured lenses.

Here’s another chance to watch my son Adam’s new band Octopuses’ video of their first single, Sarcastic.

You can download it from:…



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