My friend, Joe Stein, man of the people, is up for The People’s Book Prize



My friend and fellow Ward Wood Publishing author, Joe Stein’s latest book, Through Another Night, is a finalist today for The People’s Book Prize. This is terrific news especially as the award is given purely on the vote of general readers. Joe’s book is the latest in his series of novels following the troubled life of ex-boxer turned bodyguard, Garron. I’ve read them all so far and admire them enormously not just for the excitement and realism but also for their psychological depth.

Joe Stein, a Londoner and ex-boxer obviously knows what he’s writing about so I thought I’d take this space to encourage you all to read it if you haven’t already. If you have read it, it’s not too late to vote for it on-line. Be quick though because the results will be announced tonight at 8.20pm  in the UK on Sky News. It’s worth turning on the programme even if it’s too see the unlikely sight of Joe in tuxedo and black bow-tie.

If you want to vote then follow this link:

If you want to buy the book, follow this link:

Good luck tonight, Joe.

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