My hat goes to the Italian Riviera.

Awaiting my flight to Italy from London Gatwick.

Genoa airport.

On the beach at Santa Margaretha Ligure.

Walking to Paraggi.

Mediterranean blues and greens.

Liguria is gentle with flowers.

Cobbled streets of Portofino.

Portofino lunchtime.

Designer shops in Portofino.


Posh boats and humble ones in Portofino harbour.

More designer-wear in Portofino.

Inside Castello Brown, Portofino.

Castello Brown.

Castello Brown.

Castello Brown with small lizard.

Castello Brown.

Coffee-time, Santa Margaretha Ligure.


Lunch-time in Rappallo

More coffee, Rappallo.

Back on the beach, Santa Margaretha Ligure.

On the train to Genoa.

Royal Palace, Genoa.

Royal Palace, Genoa.

Sculpture in Royal Palace, Genoa.

Hall of Mirrors, Royal Palace, Genoa.

Tea-time, Genoa.

Santa Margaretha Ligure market.

Back on the beach, Santa Margaretha Ligure.

Front row seat for a concert in Villa Durazzo, Santa Margaretha Ligure.

Gone swimming, Santa Margaretha Ligure.

Cliff-top walking, Cinque Terre.

Waiting for the ferry, Cinque Terre.

On the ferry in the Mediterranean.

Drinks menu in the American Bar at the Hotel di Lido, Sant Margaretha Ligure.

Campari and soda in the American Bar.

Time to head for the airport.

Home again in the UK.

I did wear that hat in Italy – honestly.


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