My heart-rate monitor has begun to clock my return to fitness

I wore my heart-rate monitor for the first time in a long time, too long, yesterday.  I was going back to see my personal trainer, Ricardo, to see if he can help me get back some fitness after a bit of a ropey Autumn and Winter. I am now back into my kungfu training but I want to speed up my aerobic fitness and that’s where my session with Ricardo was surprizingly encouraging. The heart-rate monitor clocked my progress on various running machines, a cross-trainer and a rowing machine and, considering I hadn’t been anywhere near the gym since August, I did, according to Ricardo,  OK.

After the session I returned home, ran up two flights of stairs and began writing this. I photographed my heart-rate for the record and, as you can see, it was 95 beats per minute. Not bad. I continued to wear the device, which is placed on a strap around the chest, to see what it would read when I had finished this blog some five or ten minutes later.

It was soon down to 75 beats per minute……and when I finished it had gone down further to 72.

I would like my weight to go down as easily. This morning I weighted in heavier than I have ever been….

…at an appalling 76 kg, or just under 12 stone. I mostly weigh 72 kg and have done so for years. I shall revisit these measurements when I have something good to show – I hope.

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