My i-Phone has arrived and we’re having some quality mutual i-Fan time

As much as I love talking to you guys and even though I don’t want to come across as superficial or disloyal in any way, my brand new i-Phone 4 has finally arrived after being stuck in the snow all last week at the Gatwick Airport depot. It got very cold there and I got very impatient waiting for it so we need to spend some quality time together. We need to get familiar and to get to know each other.

This is not just any old normal relationship with a mobile phone this is i-Fan time when I have to introduce my i-Phone to my other much-loved Apple products,  my i-Mac computer .

and my trusty i-Pod Nano.

Soon they will all be integrated into one very satisfactory i-Experience so forgive my haste but I am off to make myself a hot cup of i-Coffee and to sit down with my new toy like the contented i-Wolf I am becoming. See you tomorrow.

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