My Lewes garden after the rain.

I know there are bigger things to worry about in the World at the moment but here in Southern England, instead of an Arab Spring we have had the great Wet Spring and over the last week it has rained practically all the time. So, naturally, I’ve been worried  – as sick as a parrot in fact. More accurately I’ve been worried about my Flaming Parrots – the latest addition to my garden. Well the rain seems to have stopped for the weekend and, as you can see, they survived the rain even though they are notoriously susceptible to toppling over under the weight when too many raindrops keep falling on their heads. There are plenty more blooms on their way but here they are in their first flush.

I may not have a lot of room in my Lewes, UK, town garden  but I always plant two new varieties of tulip every year – one early variety and one late. Their arrival is always special.

The other newcomers this week had absolutely no problem with the damp conditions. These luminously bronze shining fungi are I suppose technically weeds but they go perfectly with the York stone flags but I need one of you fungus experts to tell identify it for me. I’m in the dark and ordure fed as far as mushrooms go – I just like them.

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