My Lewes garden is blossoming again – it’s a beauty contest between apple and cherry.


When I left for a week in Lisbon in mid April, my Lewes garden was mostly daffodils and budding tulips and, of course, my much loved camellia. When I returned, there had been one of those great seasonal shifts and I walked back into a garden full of blossom. My miniature flowering cherry tree, in the six years since I planted it,  has never looked so good and I was almost sorry to have spend so much time away from home.

Sunny days and cool nights have ensured that the blossom has hung around longer than usual and I’m certainly not complaining. Every morning, I pull the blind to feast on this joyful symbol of spring.

The very pale pink turns to white before they fall and looks perfect against the radiantly blue sky.

I enjoy the subtly almondy perfume too while being careful not to stick my nose where the bees want to go.

The cherry tree has to share the glory with my two apple trees again this year after they decided to blossom again after going on strike in 2014.

Apple blossom even competes with cherry blossom for my affection and, this year, this too is doing unusually well.


I love the way it changes from deep pink to pale pink as it develops.

I also enjoy the promise of apples – shiny red eaters on the little standard tree and Bramley cooking apples on the espalier.

It is difficult not to be cheerful on such a day as this.


The tulips and, at the bottom there, fritillaries, have added their colourful input too coming out just in time to bid the camellia flowers goodbye.





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