My Lewes Rose Garden in November

After a rain shower a couple of days ago, my little courtyard garden here in Lewes smelt fragrant with mingling rose perfumes. A familiarly sensuous experience in the Summer months but highly unusual for mid-November. Here in Britain, we are having the warmest November for a hundred years and, just for a moment, I am putting to one side gloomy thoughts about global warming to enjoy the flower show supplied by my contrasted array of David Austin roses. Not long ago on here I was lamenting what I thought were going to be the last roses of Summer but now it looks as if they will still be blooming for Christmas.

If any of you remember my reluctant battle against a clematis invasion here in this very small garden, after I had slaughtered my crop in mid-Summer in the interests of space, I thought I had seen the last of them – no chance, clematis is one heck of a survivor.


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