My Lewes rose garden is showing its colours.

Last week was the time for my roses here in my small town garden in Lewes in the south of England….

…the big prune in february has paid off…..

…and the different varieties have all stretched their wings and mingled with their neighbours giving me the first hints of my plan coming together. Next year, I hope there will be a great mingling of colours all along my traditional Sussex flint walls.

The other side of the garden is, for the time being, dominated by the energetically vigorous Iceberg but it won’t be long before the rapacious passionflower will compete with it here for space.

Let me introduce you to my roses…..please give them a warm welcome.

Dance de Feu

Claire Austin
Mortimer Seckler


Benjamin Britten

These are the current stars of the show but there are more to come and I will bring them to you as they appear – I wish I could give you their perfume but, maybe, one day computers will get good at that too.

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