My miniature Fibonacci poem The Music Of The Spheres becomes a movie – Wow!

I wrote a miniature Fibonacci poem five years ago on the gigantic subject of humanity’s ideas of the Universe and religion – well, there’s no need for humility if you’re writing a very short poem. It was called The Music Of The Spheres and was published in that excellent poetry journal The Fib Review: – I hadn’t thought about it much since then until recently when the highly imaginative Joseph Nussbaum approached me asking to make a short animated film of the poem.

I was thrilled earlier on today to see the result. Wow! I think it’s magnificent. See what you think:

“Music of the Spheres”, a video by Joseph Nussbaum. FIlmed in Second Life. Poem by Colin Bell. Music by Moby. Sculpture by François Arteo. With Marly Moon, Joseph Nussbaum, Boris Twist, Bryan Trefoill, and Novs Morlim.



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