My small Lewes town garden is telling me to get a grip

It may be only little but my small town garden in Lewes, England, is telling me that there are loads of things to be doing out there.

What happened to that February weeding session? Why are there still old pots hanging around with the remnants of last year’s Summer annuals? What are you going to do about Colonel Passionflower who is trying to set up a dictatorship on the left wall? Don’t forget that all this should have been sorted before now so that you could get on with that fertilizing and top soil dressing.

What have you been doing over the last month? Come on, man, get a grip. Small gardens take work too.

Well I got all the work done – it might not look very different but, believe me, there was a lot of stuff to do out there and now all the beds are composted, top-dressed and fertilized and the whole space has been weeded. Now all those climbers, roses, clematis, passionflower and fuchsias, can cover the walls and  flower.  The wolf is back in control.

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