My weekend. What would it be: nudist parties in studios or an atmosphere you could cut with a knife?

I don’t usually like parties and I never want to go to them. I dread that mix of formality and forced sociability that hangs over me the moment I walk into the room.

I always want to say something rude to break the ice…

…or I have an overwhelming urge to go inappropriately wild.

Do I really have to dance, I think…or is it all about getting into bed with people you don’t really know?

Well, I felt the same this weekend when I headed off to a party in Brighton, UK. You know what? I actually met people there that I  liked who made me laugh and, yes, I had a good time. I had a few drinks, shared a few jokes and even enjoyed that dance. Parties can be fun but I still think though, that they are not really my scene. Looking forward to the next one now.

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