Neighbourhood Wars

I was doing the washing earlier and when I hung out my kungfu uniform, I noticed a provocative sight just over the wall in my neighbours garden.

I call my neighbours The Taekwondos because the whole family, father, mother, son and daughter all learn that noble Korean martial art whilst I study White Crane Kungfu which originates in Southern China.

This morning my black uniform with its Chinese logo hangs out on the line in view of nextdoor’s washing with its row of white taekwondo uniforms. Rival emblems hanging out in the October sun – a battle cry or what!

It should be the opening shot in a movie, a neighbourhood war between rival fighting clubs but sadly we are friends so it will never be a fight to the death. I would win – of course!

Four against one, kungfu versus taekwando, we were discussing this at their party a week ago and decided that, when I am better, we will put it to the test. I reminded them that they may have their battery of kicks but I also have my seven and a half foot staff and my beloved Chinese straight sword. No contest!

I am off to the park to practise.

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