New Ron’s takes shape in wolfiewolfgang’s neighbourhood in Lewes

There are now only two days to go before Old Ron’s becomes New Ron’s – my old convenience store here in Lewes in the UK has been empty for three years but it is about to be turned into Pleasant Stores and New Ron is the energetic and enthusiastic Sara Grisewood. Every day a new van has arrived promising and tantalising with dreams of coffee and cheese and today, yet another van arrived.

Sadly there was no give-away writing but this, I am told, is the milk van and the man, well, he is the milkman. So no more panics over running out of milk – or of coffee or cheese for that matter. I wonder what else will be on offer over there – nothing too calorific just as wolfiewolfgang is getting back to fitness.

It has been a long wait – all year workmen have been over there sorting things out and it wouldn’t have been a real job unless someone had to dig up the road. The pneumatic drilling reminded me that wonderful moment when you first crack through the top of your creme caramel – now there’s a thought. Hmmm.

I thought the circus had come to town one morning when I spotted this man tottering around on stilts – I don’t know about his clowning skills but over there he is plastering the ceiling and he didn’t fall down once. Will New Ron sell custard pies? Hmmm.

Then there was the slight problem about the big counter – you’ll never get that in there mate. It sat out on the pavement for some time. Toad-In-The-Hole would be much too vulgar for New Ron’s but I wonder if she will do anything porky – a few sausages would be nice. Hmmm.

…but New Ron, I mean Sara, soon sorted them out and, with a few little adjustments in it went. It was a tight squeeze. Freshly squeezed orange juice – delicious. Hmmm.

Now Old Ron would never have had any pink in his shop but, well, it is new Ron’s shop now and i fancy some icecream. Hmmm.

…so in it goes. Sara is everywhere – and it looks as if she can turn her hand to anything. She is the one standing on a stool with a paintbrush in the picture below. good luck to her, I say. I wonder if she will sell guacamole.


  1. Well I recognise Owen Postgate (bottom image standing in the doorway smiling) who is very well known for making bread and pastries. I'll ask him what the shop may turn in to if you like.

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