No panic here in Lewes as we get a small smattering of January snow.

So no snow ploughs here in Lewes, UK, this morning,  and no snowmen either. It’s pretty though, our smattering of snow. Here in South-East England, so far, we’ve been climate lucky and I’m not complaining. Even other parts of East Sussex have more snow that we do here in Lewes.


My small urban garden doesn’t mind the snow. A bit of cold is good for it. It kills off some of those bugs and diseases and toughens up the plants that survive.

More snow may come our way but I won’t be panicking – my snow shovel hasn’t been used for two years and recent winters have been so mild that some of my annual plants have refused to die and have rather outlived their welcome.

It’s never so wintery in my January garden that there isn’t always a hopeful sign of new life.

My snowdrops look fine in the snow as does my first camellia bloom.  So no complaints around here. I may, of course, have to eat my words but, it is January and it’s supposed to be cold.


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