November turning into December is calm and cold.

It is a cold and still day here in Lewes in Sussex England. Blue skies, minimal wispy clouds and a clean, mean light that shows things just as they are as I look out of my windows onto the World.

There are sheep grazing over there on my bit of the South Downs….

and the smoke from log fires hangs listlessly in the air.

My garden joins in the silence. It is stuck between Autumn and Winter and can’t make up its mind what to do.

An inspiring but freezing morning persuades this young man, his chilly breath matching the chimney smoke,  to trespass onto the private, primeval territory that is Brack Mound –  the no-man’s land that towers over my house. We, here in Lewes, meditate in silence, wondering if England’s unseasonable snow is heading our way.

and then a small amount of snow settled….maybe we will get more next week. Elsewhere in Britain though there has been plenty of snow – even just eight miles South of here and somewhere in Wales yesterday recorded a temperature of -16 degrees Celsius (3.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

Like this, if you don’t believe me:


  1. We've got bloody snow here! It's cold (but not really that cold) and it's not thick enough to be pretty.
    Some of the photos of Yorkshire look amazing. They are great to look at, but I wouldn't want to live it!

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