Now we’ve seen David Cameron stuff his face with a hotdog, what’ll be his next stomach-turning camera trick?

Well, they asked for it! Look away now if you have a weak stomach. The latest photo opportunity for the World’s press was to see Barrack Obama and David Cameron eating hot dogs at a basket ball match in Ohio. Thanks for that gentlemen. You must be so cool and human and electable – if you weren’t turning our stomachs that is.

In the munching junk food on camera stakes, I think President Obama, as always, beats the hapless and terminally uncool Prime Minister Cameron.

Now Dave, a word of advice, don’t try so damned hard all the time. You’re never going to look natural doing the kind of things that normal everyday people do and you’ll convince no one. Just try to be yourself, old chap, we all know you’re a nice, naive, old-fashioned kinda guy who doesn’t have much of a clue about the real world – anyway, you are much too old to try finding your inner teenage tearaway now. You look much more natural stuffed into your dinner jacket.

I hope you and Sam enjoyed yourselves over in the States though because not much else came out of that meeting – apart from telling us all what we already knew about Afghanistan, Iran and Syria and embarrassing everyone with your stumbling delivery of some very weak jokes about cricket and table tennis.

The pleasantly bland English folksie band Momford & Sons who you brought over for the White House do had more to say and I’m not bothered by them that much either:


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