Octopuses’ Cool Story Bro is a BBC6 top recommendation. The story gets cooler, bro.

On the stroke of midnight last night, fans of the BBC radio’s great music station BBC6, will have heard the sig tune for their weekly show 6 Music Recommends presented by Tom Ravenscroft, son of the legendary rock music presenter and guru, John Peel. When the music fades, in comes another tune and, yes, it’s my son, Adam Bell’s band Octopuses with their new single Cool Story Bro. Just as I’m sure John Peel would have been proud of his son’s radio career, I was thrilled to hear my son’s band as the first item on this show. Wow. Well done you Octopuses – your story gets cooler and cooler.



Adam Bell




Adam Bell

If you like the song, you’ll love their video:




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