Once upon a time there were Lords and Ladies…..

Once upon a time, many years ago, there were Lords and Ladies, knights in shining armour, Kings and Queens, magicians, dragons and small creatures like elves and faeries. They can still be found in fairy stories told to children to get them to sleep.

Historically too there might not have been dragons or elves and faeries but there were definitely lords and ladies and knights in shining armour and kings and queens. Posh people who were in charge of everything, had most of the money and told all the other people what to do. In the UK we still like having people like this bossing us around – apparently.

We still love dressing up as old-fashioned monarchs, lords and ladies…..

…we love those creaky tv dramas like Downton Abbey with its view of those olden days of privilege and class.

…and we still have unelected and privileged Lords and Ladies and Bishops (I forgot them) in what ought to be our elected upper chamber of parliament.

Isn’t it time we grew up? Let’s keep all this lord and lady stuff for village fetes  and theme parks. Parliament should be elected by the people not imposed on them by an elite establishment. I hope that the vote in the House of Commons today will move Britain on a little from those bad old days when the UK only played at being democratic. I suppose the vote will depend on how manyof those old MPs are hoping, when they retire,  to get their free and unelected seats in the House of Lords.

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