One step forward to two paces back

I have swallowed a few of those unpalatable things known as Home Truths today.

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling really good in the fitness stakes – I had been going to the gym regularly on the new regime designed by my therapeutic personal trainer and I had an amazing kung fu lesson with my instructor Neil. I was planning to go back to kung fu classes full time this week too. Well that was the plan.

The day after that Kung fu lesson I felt really bad again. This was in the week when I went to the eye hospital to see a consultant about my recurring, post brain haemorrhage, double vision. The eye consultant showed me the latest images from my last brain scan which I hadn’t seen before and I was, I have to admit, shocked to see that even though the haemorrhage has receded, it is still there – an aggressive little blot on my brain.

I had to rest up after my over-exertion and hated it.

I then got a cold and got sent home by Ricardo saying that I should make sure that I am feeling good again before carrying on.

I am well on my way back again now but yesterday I spoke to Kung Fu Neil on the phone, he has just got back from an amazing kung fu trip to China, and he agrees with Ricardo. He is suggesting that I stick to tai chi for a bit and try to cool my ardour for rushing back into Kung Fu.

Actually I have been neglecting my tai chi – or Suang-Yang, as it is in our form – I have been in a rush to get back to full contact sparring and all its accompanying adrenalin rush but there is so much to learn in the soft style and I know it will guide me back to full health if I persevere.

So I shall return to the gym for the controlled exercise regime with Ricardo and I will focus on Suang Yang and my Chi Gong exercises…..oh yes and, maybe, my sword pattern.

I will get there in the end but I don’t want to die of kung fu or going to the gym – I want to get back to 100% fitness.

I will achieve that by being sensible. Did I really just say that? Surely not!

So I will prepare myself for next week’s visit to the neurologist who will decide when I should go for my next brain scan and, I hope, give me some good news about my future.

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