Orchids are easier to grow that you might think.

I wasn’t expecting my dendrobium orchid to survive. It was a present from a well-meaning friend last July (see blog for 29 July 2011) but I dreaded the responsibility of looking after such a delicate plant. I prefer growing stuff outdoors but I decided not to shirk my duty and did all that I could to keep the exotic visitor alive. When the flowers faded, I assumed it would then just begin its long descend to becoming a stick in the manner of most house plants that have spent their short lives in my care. So I am both thrilled and proud to reveal some success four months after my first blog on this subject.

Yes, my Dendrobium is back in flower and is looking very happy in the kitchen. A good location and miserly watering seems to be the secret. My plant sits near a skylight window in the steamy environment  of the kitchen with its good friend Basil for company.

Watering no more than once a week and often less than that, I am not too challenged by its upkeep – no more really than I am looking after my only other house plant, the interestingly-shaped cactus that I only water between March and October.

It too is thriving – look how much it has grown since March. It is obviously pleased to see me.

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