Pencils – better than sliced bread.

I think I must be an odd mix of high-tech and low-tech because my writing routine involves my beloved i-Mac computer, of course, but I often resort to that most enjoyable and trouble-free pieces of technology, the lead pencil – preferably unpainted – a simple but magic stick. My terrible, left-handed, writing seems to suit the pencil when the ball-point pen sends it into the most abstract of illegibilities. Pencil-scribbling followed by manic keyboard typing is my way and there is a lot of pleasure in both techniques especially if you take mildly obsessive delight in such things.

I watched this music video, ‘Against The Grain’ earlier today and even though the music, from Australian band Hudson’s Kaleidoscope might not be profoundly original (it’s pleasant, melancholy and catchy enough for this wolf), the video, starring an epic cast of pencils is pure delight for anyone into such things. Oh yes and in case you are wondering, I am the little blue one.

Hudson’s Kaleidoscope – Against The Grain:

Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo.

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