The photographer David Stacey takes a picture of wolfiewolfgang.

I love photography but I am never satisfied with the stuff I take – mostly, I think, because I have absolutely no technical knowledge. So I am lucky that one of my friends, Dave Stacey, is a proper photographer and, for some time now, I have been checking out his work and asking as many dumb photographic questions as I can. One day, some of his skills may rub off on me.

Yesterday, he asked if he could take my portrait so I obviously said yes even though I am a very humble and shy person. I was very interested to watch him at work. The result, along with a lot of his photographs, is up on his website: (see “Some Links” in  the right hand column).

This is his portrait of me in my study – the wolf’s lair (I am much prettier in reality but then, as you know,  the camera always lies):


  1. My usual state, n-creation! I thought he was only doing a head and shoulders shot but I am pleased I didn't change my habits for the photograph. Wearing shoes feels like fancy dress to me these days.

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