Planting seeds of hope after seeing the neurologist

I had to look for reasons to be cheerful over the weekend after spending some time on Thursday at the Eye Hospital and on Friday with my neurologist.

Luckily the Golden Croci have decided to steal centre stage in my garden and the sun has reciprocated by shining its hopeful Spring light into my life bringing my garden into bloom.

I have to wait now to find out if I am going to need eye surgery because of my dodgy double vision which has probably been caused by muscular damage to my eyes after my brain haemorrhage. My neurologist too got concerned about how much left-sided damage I have suffered since my brain injury and has asked my GP to monitor my blood pressure over the next year before I have my next brain scan.

So another year of waiting to get better. How do you keep up your hope for so long, I wondered.

Trying out my new seed propagator seemed a good enough way of dealing with anxiety. Why not plant the seeds of tomorrow today and plan some good things ahead like the eight different varieties of half-hardy annuals and the various hot and sweet chili peppers as well as this year’s tomato crop.

I loved the basic science involved in gardening and, by the time all those seeds were in their neat little compartments, labeled and water within the propagator by my kitchen sink, I was feeling positively cheerful. I am even getting near to planting my seeded potatoes which are sprouting energetically in the kitchen too. The fruits of the Earth are well worth hanging around for.

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