A Poem For My Warrior Woman Neighbour Liz.


I have always got on with my neighbours here in Lewes, England. Harvey and Liz have been fun in the good times and friends when things got a bit rough. We all share some common interests too. Mostly the usual things, the community (well, ok, gossip), a “fine wine” (I guess I mean booze but really it is more about having a good time ) and, not least, martial arts.


We have been united in our interest in the martial arts, in their case Taekwando, and in mine, Kungfu and maybe this has been a reason why we often see things the same way.

If and when neighbourhood wars break out it will really be black against white as our respective washing lines demonstrate.

Last year I wrote a poem for Liz’s birthday and called it Warrior Woman and now it is to be published – well today in fact on the online poetry site Every Day Poets which, as you might guess, publishes a new poem every day and today it is my turn. If you want to see Liz’s poem go to http://www.everyday poets.com or find it on my Links list on the right hand side of this page.

I have some more work coming out on this site later in the year but don’t just go there for my sake, you can sign up with them for free and get posted a new poem every day – you might even get hooked.

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