The Pope is not just cool, he is a bit of a lad.

Well how cool is this then! The Pope has got another new look and, in my humble non-Catholic opinion, it is the best one yet. The Vatican tell us that he has adopted the dude look, though he never wears it back to front, so that he can stay cool at his summer residence. Cool it is too man…..high five!

He has worn baseball hats before but this Roma style is really trying much too hard. 
This so-called Camauro (a 12th. Century fashion mistake) just made him look like a beardless Santa.

And this, Benedict, old son, is just silly.
So well done to that guy who changes the Pope’s hats for him – he has made him look almost like one of the lads.Come to think of it, he is a bit of a lad – straight out of the opinion pages of one of those lads mags in fact. He doesn’t think real men should use condoms, thinks women should stay in their place and keep out of men’s jobs and, of course, I likes a pint of lager with the best of them.

Cheers, Bennie!

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