Raining on Barrack Obama’s parade.

I’m not American, I don’t live in the United States of America and I have no vote in the 2012 American Presidential elections but I still can’t help gunning for Barrack Obama’s reelection.

We have our own rain problems here in the UK but I wish I could accept them with some of President Obama’s good grace.

or with at least some of his supporters’ enthusiasm.

He was making a campaign speech in Glen Allen, Virginia when the clouds released everything they had onto his shirt-sleeved person.

He grinned and bore it….

…even if it felt uncomfortable and mildly annoying…

…was he rubbing the raindrops out of his eyes or was he just trying to hide?

I know things haven’t been going that well for him, the economy is doing a great deal better than our’s over here in the UK but it is still not recovering quickly enough to bring him some good pre-election news.  At times he can come over as a bit formal and slightly too cool for his own good but that rain showed him in a good light. Electing Mitt Romney in his place would bring us all much more to worry about than a refreshing shower of rain.

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