A rainy Autumn night in Lewes is actually quite attractive.

So it rained last night and I had to go out visiting. I grumbled a bit under my breath but then, iPod turned on, a first outing for my winter coat and my solid and reliably constant umbrella opened, I actually enjoyed myself.

I have been feeling grumpy about England ever since I came back from Italy this August to find England disappointingly chilly and grey. That grew into a dismay about impending Autumn and Winter.

Then last night, I began to like our temperate climate again with thin rain being blown horizontally by a light wind, street lights picking up the sparkling water and sending golden reflections over the wet pavements to a movie soundtrack playing in my ears.

Lewes may be just a small country town but on a night like this, it is downtown Manhattan where anything goes.

I might hang around for a bit longer after all. I do like Italy in the rain too though…. and, of course, Manhattan.

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