Reading poetry on this website.

I have had a plan to add moving images to this site for some time but I still haven’t got round to buying a decent camera and now that I have just booked my second holiday of the year, to Switzerland and Italy, I don’t suppose I will be getting one for a bit.

Sitting in the midst of the turmoil on my writing desk last night, I  wondered  about putting up some of my Utube poetry readings and maybe recording some new ones to add a bit of movement to these pages but that, as they say, depends on you lot. I would like to know if you enjoy them. I have added a link to my Utube site just in case you would like to see and hear more.There is also a new search window at the top of this page if you want to refer back for anything in previous blogs.  I find it odd looking at some of poetry readings again now because the early ones were made when I was in the early stages of recovery from a major illness and the poems themselves have mostly undergone a number of revisions since then but it is a record of the time when I first started to write poetry when I wasn’t sure that I was going to even recover from this condition that has haunted me now for nearly two years.

Here is a poem a recorded yesterday.  I wrote it last Autumn on the anniversary of my brain haemorrhage and it is called, approprately enough I think, Celebration:

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