Ready for Plan B yet Mr Osborne?

George Osborne sticking to his Plan A

No wonder George Osborne is feeling sick these days. All those confident predictions about his master plan for the British economy seem to be going down the pan. This morning’s news that Britain’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell by 0.3% doesn’t ring true with his claims that industry would take up the slack left by his austerity cuts to the public sector. If this is his Plan A, and he says there isn’t a Plan B,  maybe the Prime Minister, David Cameron, should find his own Plan B and listen to the International Monetary Fund’s recent warnings about cutting back on the austerity cuts if Britain is to avoid an unprecedented triple dip recession.  I think the rest of us all have a Plan B and that is that Osborne must go. Maybe Mr Cameron is too busy upsetting Europe and the USA over his new In or Out European policy to have time for any economic Plan A’s let alone a new Plan B.

If the economy carries on like this, Britain’s In or Out policy will be a definite Out for this government at the next General Election.

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