Reasons to be cheerful

I feel crap today!

OK, I know it is raining but I have had a very sociable weekend being entertained by good friends who I find easy to talk to and whom I really like.

An old friend came to stay and he too was on good form.

Then yesterday I had my last kung fu lesson before my instructor flew off to China for a few weeks with some of my other martial arts friends.

On Thursday this week a theatre company called Are You Sitting Comfortably? are performing one of my short stories in London and the following Thursday I shall be doing my first proper poetry reading here in my home town of Lewes.

So things are good and I have many reasons to be cheerful.

The trouble is that I have still not recovered as much as I hoped from that damnable brain haemorrhage so whenever I throw myself back into life with any real energy, illness comes back to haunt me and I get overwhelmed by tiredness in a way that people without brain injury can never appreciate.

I am off to the Eye Hospital shortly about my still recurring double vision and so that now all too familiar hospital environment is about to encircle me again.

So I think of Ian Dury at times like these and tell myself to snap out of it….Ian Dury was much more inspiring than Julie Andrews and her “Favourite Things” – he knew that being cheerful takes a bit of muscle. Hey, I am OK now!


  1. Poor Wolf 🙁

    Go hunting for a single snowdrop in bloom or load up the water pistol and make your day chasing Urban Tigers from the territory.

    I would love to come to the reading Wolfie, but public transport to Lewes is not condusive to an active social life on a school night.

    You are inspiring me to start writing, I have an embryo of a short story rattling in my brain which should be committed to the keyboard or a local writers group.

  2. Thanks for the positive thoughts Jools,

    I understand the transport thing but it would have been lovely to see you there.

    Write the story….don't wait for the right moment cos, you know, things need to be grabbed whilst you can grab.

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