The results are back from the MRI Brain Scan

They say it is always darkest before the dawn and earlier on this week I did have a few dark moments.

I got the ‘flu, thanks up there, it has rained and rained and rained, I have had a long and frustrating wait for my latest MRI brain scan results and Horace the spider, who has been webbing outside my study window, has disappeared.

Now Horace has been my friend through these dark days so it is a bitter blow to have lost his friendship. Maybe I read too much into it.

Well, it is not all bad. The ‘flu is loosening its grip, the rain, temporarily has eased and yesterday I received a letter from my neurologist telling me that the haemorrhage blood on my brain has continued to recede or “evolve” as doctors say. Where there had been the possibility of this scan showing that I would need surgery now I am told that “there has been further evolution of the haemorrhage with no convincing evidence for an underlying abnormality.”

This, my non-scientific friends, is good news.

I have some residual signs of the left temporal brain haemorrhage that I suffered in October 2008 but all the indications are that I should make a complete recovery with no surgical intervention. I will have another brain scan in six months time and no need to see the neurologist again until March.

As I am now also drug-free, I think I could begin to think of myself as getting better. Yay!

Oh yes, when I was pulling down the blinds last night, I came across Horace again. He has decided to move to the front of the tall Georgian terrace where we live together in non-communicative buddiedom.

He would have had an epic journey to get to his new position outside my first floor living room window just like I have had with my gradual recovering from brain trauma but I hope he will stay and continue to enjoy our symbolic relationship. We two can welcome in the dawn together. How do you high five a spider?

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