Saturday Night’s Perigee Moon awoke the wolf in me.

I don’t know where you were on Saturday night but, just in case you didn’t notice, the Earth enjoyed a close-up view of the full Moon. It was what is known as a Perigee Moon, the first once since 1993, and on such a night the Moon is not only showing us its best side but it is also at its closest to the Earth so we get this most beautiful planet in its full glory. Here in Sussex, England it was a clear night so I had no choice but to celebrate it in true wolf-style…welcoming the full Moon, the beginning of Spring and the the magnificence of my fellow wolves.

Here are some of my friends out there enjoying it too – no matter time than after a full Moon to admire these wonderful creatures:


  1. Hi Wolfie/Colin, I just came across your poem on EDP. Nice and interesting stuff. I also have a wolf-themed writer site at, and one of the main characters in my ongoing fictional fantasy literary nonsense story is called Wolfgang.
    Hope you drop by, and continue your writing and activities.
    Cheers, and enjoy the Harvest Moon on the 12th! Marc

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