Seven years ago today I suffered a major brain haemorrhage.

A friend reminded me the other day that  the human body completely replaces itself every seven years. For me, that’s a cheery thought because seven years ago today, just as my home town of Lewes was getting ready for Halloween, I had a major brain haemorrhage which took me out of the celebrations.

I don’t remember much about it and I’m happy to say that I’m now pretty well recovered. So, even though I don’t  like the idea of Halloween any more,  it always reminds me of that grim time, I’m glad I can say goodbye to my old body after these seven years.

As Lewes gets ready once more for Halloween,  I don’t count off these haemorrhage anniversaries any more like I used to when I was still recovering from my brain injuries.  Anniversaries are important markers for significant moments in our lives so, yes, I am celebrating today. Celebrating seven years of life that I nearly missed.

I’d like to share my celebration with other Trauma Brain Injury Survivors and offer them some hope for the future. Recovery is possible even when it seems like a very long time coming.

Have yourselves a happy Halloween tomorrow, everyone.  Life is a big enough treat for me these days now that I’ve known what being one of the un-dead really feels like.


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