Short poetry can be best – look at the Shot Glass Journal

I have been recently, on one of my publisher’s advice, been changing the name on my poetry from wolfiewolfgang to my “real” name of Colin Bell – the first of these was published on Every Day Poets just over a week ago (See Links in right hand column) and now two more are available. I feel like I am daring to come out of the shadows.

The two new poems are published in the Shot Glass Journal which specialises in short poetry that is no longer than sixteen lines. This is a tough medium to write in if you want to try to say anything even vaguely worthwhile. I love writing short verse but I have no illusions about my abilities here so I am really pleased to have these poems published in Shot Glass Journal and proud that they join another two of my poems in previous issues. Take a look but not just at mine, there are a lot of very varied pieces here showing just what can be done with a very few words.

I wish I could remember that at parties and after a few drinks!

Here is my short poem Lazy published in the first issue of Shot Glass Journal and recorded when my brain haemorrhage prolongation stammer was still difficult to control. When you have a stammer sometimes short poems are a blessing! I thought of re-recording it now that I am so much better but, no, this is how it was when I wrote this piece – actually I think recording poetry was part of my cure:

Issue #5
The online poetry journal of short poetry
Shot Glass Journal Issue #5 features poets from Britain and Ireland in addition to international poets from Australia, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the US. It also features formal poetry forms including the Tritina, the Jisei, the Mirror-Oddquain, the Ovielljo, the Rondel, The Shakespearean Sonnet, the Sijo, the Tanka, and the Triolet, as well as traditional and experimental free verse. We hope you enjoy Shot Glass Journal’s diverse style.
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  1. Hi Wolfie,

    …. to my "real" name of Colin Bell ..

    Why did you put real in quotes? Is Colin Bell not your real name? Have you another secret name? We need to know?

    To be serious for a moment, I'm enjoying your recent poetry very much.

  2. Thanks Al – as for "real" name, I guess I was feeling some loyalty to my wolfie name and didn't want it to feel any less real to me.

    It is good to have your kind comment on my recent poetry – often I find it difficult to assess my work so bringing you some enjoyment gives me a lot of pleasure.


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