So the Church of England doesn’t want Women Bishops.

Yesterday’s meeting of the Church of England’s  synod, the church’s parliament , voted against having women bishops. I’m sure they know best, well, maybe not. They’ve got already women priests but apparently that doesn’t count because Jesus’ disciples were all guys – fishermen, that sort of thing.

Maybe, it’s a man thing, being a bishop. I wonder if Jesus would think these men looked like fishermen.

It sounds a bit weird to me but that’s another story. It doesn’t seem very relevant to my life but I’m sure  other people will find this either really good or bad news. Maybe it’s because religious people seem to like fighting and disagreeing with each other. Let’s leave that disagreeable debate and look at Raphael’s great picture of the Biblical scene that seems to have caused all the trouble.

The Miraculous Draught of Fishes by Raphael (Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

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